Avery Drouin, Pinerkton Academy, Lacrosse

Scaccia PT & Complete Athlete have had numerous successful injury-to-play stories but the following is quite impressive. In June of 2016, Avery Drouin, a lacrosse player from Pinkerton Academy, tore her ACL in a tournament. She had just completed a very successful junior year and had already committed to play in a D1 program. Her senior year looked like it may in jeopardy. After surgery, she began her PT with Scaccia Physical Therapy...


As a high school athlete, Complete Athlete brings me a step above the rest.  Building strength in all areas of the body is very important, especially for wrestlers like myself. Old -school lifts and linear muscle building might make you look big, but with the Complete Athlete’s unique approach to strengthening the body, I’ve build the small, often non-worked muscles, to utilize that power in any direction.  I have been working out at the Complete Athlete for two years, both in and out of season, and it has brought a definite improvement to my wrestling. In just a year I moved from a 3 rd place district level finish in the Middle Atlantic Wrestling Association to placing 4th at the Eastern Nationals.

The strength and explosive power that I have built has given me the edge in the first period to blast apart my opponent’s defense.  Even if they can stand up to that, the after-workout C.A. conditioning gives me the endurance to continue the attack through triple overtime if necessary.  I have never seen any place so well suited to training wrestlers the way that they will work in a match.  As a team captain, I urge my fellow wrestlers to train with me at the Complete Athlete, and I also recommend it highly to any others who want to make a serious improvement for their next season. There is nothing better than having an opponent come to you after a match and say, “Good job, you’re a stud,” and with some hard work put in at the Complete Athlete, this is sure to start happening to you too.

The Howell Family

Our son Jericho plays Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country and Soccer.  He is very active and on the go at all times. He took your conditioning program this past fall with the PA basketball team and LOVED IT.  He would come home feeling great, talking about what you all worked on and couldn’t wait to get to the next session.  This is something that surprised us because though Jericho loves to play sports but he had never done any type of conditioning or working out before this program.  We did not know if he would embrace the conditioning.  To our surprise during the last week of training, Jericho came to us and asked if he could continue with the sessions or at least take another session for baseball season.

Jericho (age 13) was in shape before your program but after your program he was in the BEST shape of his life.  Through proper training, you and your staff safely taught our son how to condition his body without hurting himself.  Thank you for working with him and showing him how to PROPERLY workout.  Your staff was so personable when working with our son.


Through their unique training methods and challenging workouts, Gerry and Nate at Complete Athlete have made the biggest gains in my strength, speed, and power that I have ever experienced. Complete Athlete shatters the preconceived notion that in order to be successful in sports, athletes have to build strength solely through weightlifting. Instead, Gerry and Nate have devoted large amounts of time and effort to customize programs for individual sports in order for athletes to be able to use their strength, speed, and power more effectively.

Training with plyometric exercises, agility exercises, sprinting, and conditioning are also key to their programs. At every workout, both trainers create a fun and motivating atmosphere that drives athletes to become faster and stronger. Their attention to ensuring proper form for every exercise is phenomenal, as they are truly concerned about their athlete’s success. I would like to thank Complete Athlete for all of my recent hockey successes, and I highly recommend athletes to become a part of the Complete Athlete family!


Okay, so I saw my chiropractor on Friday and since he could not find any ailments to work on, he began poking around my back. I started to get worried as he kept saying “hmmm.” He then went and looked at my chart. He told me my back is 110% better than it was when I first saw him in Sept. He said my muscle tone is exceptional throughout the entire back, unlike before when I was strong in some areas and very weak in other spots. He told me I absolutely made the right choice by quitting the gym and that my “new workout regimen” was really working for me! I just had to share. Thanks for all you do Sandi & Nate!


Complete Athlete is an all-around great workout program for any athlete that is looking to improve their speed, power, explosiveness, and strength. Complete Athlete does not focus on just one type of training for a specific sport, like other weight training programs do. At Complete Athlete there is a variety of athletes from basketball, baseball/ softball, volleyball, football, and hockey players. The trainers at Complete Athlete really focus on teaching you the proper way to lift weights, and build muscle in your body to become athletic, not bulky.

For me personally, I’ve done numerous area weight training programs, but with Complete Athlete I can visible & mentally see that I am building muscle and that I am getting faster & stronger. For me, Complete Athlete has helped me become the elite athlete that I now am. I know that the training that I have done over the past summer will help me tremendously when I go to school in the fall and help me with my sports. I owe all my success to my gains in strength, speed, and power to the trainers at Complete Athlete. You guys are great! 

TJ Thompson, George Washington University 05

As a Division 1 athlete and now as a professional basketball player, I have experienced my fair share of physical and sport related training . I was referred to Scaccia Physical Therapy & Complete Athlete by a friend. They focused on what my specific needs were to accomplish MY career goals. I was shocked at my progress after just a few weeks.  I can now say “thanks” to Bob & Gerry for not only rehabbing my knee to full health, but also for getting my whole body stronger and more dependable then it was pre-surgery.

This has been an amazing experience that I will be grateful for, and benefiting from, every time I step on the court. I would recommend Scaccia PT and the Complete Athlete to any person looking for professionals who are knowledgeable in their trade and willing to put the extra time and effort in with YOU throughout your rehabilitation/training experience. Thanks Scaccia PT & Complete Athlete for getting me back to doing what I love to do and giving me the opportunity to continue my career as a stronger, more balanced athlete!

Scott Lafleur, Univeristy of Arizona, Pinkerton Academy

During the start of my junior year (‘08) of football at Pinkerton Academy, I tore my ACL and meniscus and had reconstructive knee surgery in September of 2008. With no chance of continuing a football career, I looked forward to my spring sport, lacrosse. After a long recovery period I thought I was ready to play in the spring of my senior year (‘10). However, I reinjured my knee halfway through the season damaging my meniscus and cartilage.

At the start of summer I began training at the Complete Athlete facility with the recommendation from my doctor, Dr. Patrick Casey, Concord Orthopedics. Throughout the summer of 2010, I trained hard with the three day program in order to hopefully heal and prepare myself for the start of my college lacrosse career at the University of Arizona. With their guidance and instruction, I regained my strength, brought back my speed and quickness, and most of all, I’m now confident on my knee. I don’t hesitate on the repaired knee or favor the stronger leg.

As I ship off to college, I feel I’m in my best condition ever and well prepared for college athletics. I will continue to use Complete Athlete on breaks and during the summers. I recommend this program highly for any athlete or anyone looking for a high intensity workout. Thanks Gerry & Nate!!