As a high school athlete, Complete Athlete brings me a step above the rest.  Building strength in all areas of the body is very important, especially for wrestlers like myself. Old -school lifts and linear muscle building might make you look big, but with the Complete Athlete’s unique approach to strengthening the body, I’ve build the small, often non-worked muscles, to utilize that power in any direction.  I have been working out at the Complete Athlete for two years, both in and out of season, and it has brought a definite improvement to my wrestling. In just a year I moved from a 3 rd place district level finish in the Middle Atlantic Wrestling Association to placing 4th at the Eastern Nationals.

The strength and explosive power that I have built has given me the edge in the first period to blast apart my opponent’s defense.  Even if they can stand up to that, the after-workout C.A. conditioning gives me the endurance to continue the attack through triple overtime if necessary.  I have never seen any place so well suited to training wrestlers the way that they will work in a match.  As a team captain, I urge my fellow wrestlers to train with me at the Complete Athlete, and I also recommend it highly to any others who want to make a serious improvement for their next season. There is nothing better than having an opponent come to you after a match and say, “Good job, you’re a stud,” and with some hard work put in at the Complete Athlete, this is sure to start happening to you too.