Complete Athlete FAQs

What is Complete Athlete?

We focus on physiological and neuromuscular development to improve the physical tools needed for enhanced skill execution and individual tactics. The goal is to not just improve fitness, but also sport-specific conditioning, athleticism, and performance abilities. Simply put, we train you like an athlete. This is not a “machine based” gym program or a group exercise class.  

What programs are available?

Currently, four programs are offered:

The Sports Performance Clinics primarily targets the athlete in middle school, high school and college, as well as minor league and major league professional athletes.  

The ”Weekend Warrior” program for men & women is specially designed for the active adult, and the adult wanting to be active again.  Adults of all ages are welcomed, the goals of the program include an increase in energy, improvement in flexibility, and to feel good and look great.

Post Rehabilitation is a transitional program for people who have completed therapy for an injury but would like to progress to strength and conditioning training.  The one-on-one focus, under the direction of a physical therapist, will incorporate movement patterns designed to reduce the occurrence of re-injury.  Typically physical therapy prepares you for pain-free activities of daily living. Post Rehabilitation will take you further... pain-free active living.  

Individual Training Sessions are also available.

More programs will be added in the future.  If you have a need that is not met by any of these four programs, please contact us.  We also welcome suggestions for future programs.

What ages are welcomed at the Complete Athlete Sports Performance Clinics?

Typically the youngest age is 12 years old.  At the start of the session, every athlete goes through a baseline functional assessment to evaluate personal strengths and areas of needed improvement. The information gathered is used to develop the program utilized in the session.  

How did Complete Athlete get started?

In 1999, Scott Burgess began Complete Athlete as an individual training program in Boston, MA. During the summer months of 2001-2004, Complete Athlete offered speed and power clinics in Bedford, MA.  In the spring of 2005, in partnership with Bob Scaccia of Scaccia Physical Therapy, Complete Athlete opened their doors in Derry, NH.  Since 1999, the coaches at Complete Athlete have trained a spectrum of athletes including middle school aged athletes, division 1 recruits, and Team USA Olympians.

What if I have an injury that prohibits certain exercises, will I be able to participate?

Depending on the injury, a physician’s clearance will be needed for participation.  However, following the baseline functional assessment performed at the start of the session, the program will be adjusted to meet specific needs.  We also have physical therapists on staff that can answer questions regarding injuries and weakness. 

Are team discounts available?

Yes.  Please contact us more information.

When can I start?

Please review the individual web pages regarding session dates.  We offer a “Rolling Enrollment” that allows you to begin and end a program based on your needs. We make every attempt to be flexible for all four programs. Please contact us if the sessions do not fit into your schedule so we can discuss other options.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit/debit cards in our online store and for e-invoices. Cash, check, money order, credit/debit cards are accepted on site at our gym.