The Howell Family

Our son Jericho plays Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country and Soccer.  He is very active and on the go at all times. He took your conditioning program this past fall with the PA basketball team and LOVED IT.  He would come home feeling great, talking about what you all worked on and couldn’t wait to get to the next session.  This is something that surprised us because though Jericho loves to play sports but he had never done any type of conditioning or working out before this program.  We did not know if he would embrace the conditioning.  To our surprise during the last week of training, Jericho came to us and asked if he could continue with the sessions or at least take another session for baseball season.

Jericho (age 13) was in shape before your program but after your program he was in the BEST shape of his life.  Through proper training, you and your staff safely taught our son how to condition his body without hurting himself.  Thank you for working with him and showing him how to PROPERLY workout.  Your staff was so personable when working with our son.