Through their unique training methods and challenging workouts, Gerry and Nate at Complete Athlete have made the biggest gains in my strength, speed, and power that I have ever experienced. Complete Athlete shatters the preconceived notion that in order to be successful in sports, athletes have to build strength solely through weightlifting. Instead, Gerry and Nate have devoted large amounts of time and effort to customize programs for individual sports in order for athletes to be able to use their strength, speed, and power more effectively.

Training with plyometric exercises, agility exercises, sprinting, and conditioning are also key to their programs. At every workout, both trainers create a fun and motivating atmosphere that drives athletes to become faster and stronger. Their attention to ensuring proper form for every exercise is phenomenal, as they are truly concerned about their athlete’s success. I would like to thank Complete Athlete for all of my recent hockey successes, and I highly recommend athletes to become a part of the Complete Athlete family!