Complete Athlete is an all-around great workout program for any athlete that is looking to improve their speed, power, explosiveness, and strength. Complete Athlete does not focus on just one type of training for a specific sport, like other weight training programs do. At Complete Athlete there is a variety of athletes from basketball, baseball/ softball, volleyball, football, and hockey players. The trainers at Complete Athlete really focus on teaching you the proper way to lift weights, and build muscle in your body to become athletic, not bulky.

For me personally, I’ve done numerous area weight training programs, but with Complete Athlete I can visible & mentally see that I am building muscle and that I am getting faster & stronger. For me, Complete Athlete has helped me become the elite athlete that I now am. I know that the training that I have done over the past summer will help me tremendously when I go to school in the fall and help me with my sports. I owe all my success to my gains in strength, speed, and power to the trainers at Complete Athlete. You guys are great!