The Speed and Strength Program

CA is currently running our School Schedule. Mon-Thu 3, 4:30 & 6. Fri 3 & 4:30

From Day 1 to D1, CA’s sports performance program will improve all your athletic abilities. Our 90-minute, all-sport workout develops all facets of athleticism: SPEED-QUICKNESS-STRENGTH-AGILITY-POWER-CONDITIONING.

What makes Complete Athlete the premiere speed strength & conditioning program in NH?

  • Every session is 90 Minutes.

  • Sessions are supervised by multiple Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

  • Low coach to athlete ratios, no > 8 to 1.

  • Each athlete's experience here begins with movement & performance evaluations with an experienced, dedicated coach.

  • We don’t just run drills, we teach FOOTWORK, PROPER RUNNING & JUMPING MECHANICS.

  • Our strength workouts are individualized, constantly monitored and progressed so we can turn any athlete’s weaknesses into strengths - NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!!!

  • Thanks to our ability to customize and fully supervise every session, we can accommodate athletes of all sports generally over the age of 9.

  • Our version of camaraderie is excellence. This isn't the local gym where kids lift with their pals. These are the most competitive athletes in the area following a long standing tradition of effort and achievement.

  • Don't be misled. Neither our training nor our results can or have been duplicated by others in the area.

  • MOST AREA TRAINING IS IN LARGE GROUPS! THE LOW PRICE IS DUE TO HIGH VOLUME!!!! This type of training is unsafe and less productive. Most are also only one hour long.

What Does a Speed & Strength Session Look Like?

Our format is the safest and most effective method to train athletes.  It is time tested and scientifically proven.  CIRCUIT TRAINING may make you sweat but it is not how ATHLETES train.  There is a difference!!!

  • Athletes begin with a dynamic warm-up which includes joint mobility exercises and fundamental running and jumping technique.

  • Each session starts as a group with trunk/core strength exercises. These exercise improve stability which promotes stronger overall athletes who can safely transfer power.

  • This is followed by speed, agility, quickness & jumping drills and instruction.

  • The athletes then break into their strength & mobility workouts where they follow individualized plans designed to promote safety on and off the field, strength, power and speed.

  • For athletes who are not in-season, each session ends with high intensity conditioning followed by stretching/foam rolling.

  • Still not sure exactly what this all looks like? Watch the video above!

Beware! Several newer gyms have been deceitfully using “Complete Athlete” in the naming of their programs. Rest assured we are the original and only CA. Know who is training your children.

Program Pricing

$169 for 8 Sessions (per month)
    $199 per Month for UNLIMITED SESSIONS!    

Discounts available for siblings and teams.

CA has just doubled the Sibling Discount! Save $50 off each program cost.

All Major credit cards accepted but check or cash is preferred.

all purchases are final. Sessions are non-transferable.

Un-used sessions will expire 1 Month following purchase date


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