Christopher Miller, UNH Hockey, Center


Chris has been training at CA for the past 6 years. When he was playing for the Boston Junior Bruins team, he and his father had a no-nonsense discussion with me regarding his training and future. Chris was being scouted by several D1 programs and he was repeatedly told that he needed to be quicker and stronger. The Miller's wanted to know if CA could deliver. After discussing the program and the commitment needed to make it work, Millsy worked his heart out and soon after, he was recruited by the UNH Wildcats. His super quick acceleration and strong puck handling are just a few of his assets. 

Chris' work ethic is unmatched. Whether he is ripping up the ice, mastering the golf course, surfing or hitting the books, this kid is all in. A prime example is the Iron Man contest held each year at UNH. It is a grueling, 20-event  contest consisting of strength, power, endurance and agility exercises. Chris has won this prestigious award the last two years running. Amazing.

One final note, the kid is as kind as they come and with all his success, he remains a mature, level-headed gentleman.

Best of Luck Chris!