The Strictly Speed Program

Speed and quickness are two of sports most desired qualities. Throw in the ability to change direction (Agility) and stamina (Conditioning) and you have a Complete Athlete.

This program is a coach-supervised, 45-minute workout designed to maximize all the key components of athletic ability. Perfect for the new athlete or those who may already be involved in a strength program, but lack the athletic skills to excel in your sport/s. Our Coaches are all Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists, the highest accreditation in this field.


  • First Step Explosiveness
  • Acceleration: 0 to 15 yards
  • Power Stride
  • Top-End Speed
  • Technique: Knee Drive-Arm Swings...
  • Cutting/Stopping
  • Strength, Power and Core
  • Overall Performance
  • Jump Technique
  • Injury Prevention


Program Pricing

20 sessions | $299
30 sessions | 
40 sessions | 

Discounts available for siblings and teams.
Ask our staff about making payments in installments. 

After 2 weeks all purchases are final.

Sessions may be shared between siblings but are otherwise non-transferable.

Un-used sessions will expire 1 year after last session attended.


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The Strictly Speed program is held at the same time as our Speed & Strength program.