The Speed and Strength Program

From Day 1 to D1, CA’s sports performance program will improve all your athletic abilities. Our 90-minute, all-sport workout develops all facets of athleticism: SPEED-QUICKNESS-STRENGTH-AGILITY-POWER-CONDITIONING. Our Coaches are all Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists, the highest accreditation in this field. 

  • On Day 1 your athlete will undergo an Athlete Movement Screen to identify and correct flaws in running, jumping & squat techniques. Athletes also receive instruction on proper exercise execution as well as Baseline Testing. 
  • Our Speed & Strength programs are individualized and progressive. Athletes will be assigned the proper program based on their age and training experience/ technique to safely and effectively advance their needs.
  • Dynamic warm-up and mobility movements to properly prepare the athlete for a vigorous workout.
  • Daily core exercises to ensure strong hip and trunk development.
  • Speed-Agility-Quickness (SAQ) drills improving the athlete’s first-step explosiveness, cutting ability and sport-specific movement.
  • Jump Training: detailed instruction on proper foot, knee and hip movement that improves power and ACL injury prevention.
  • CA’s Strength program is unrivaled. Your athlete WILL be taught age-appropriate, ability-level resistance
    techniques by experienced coaches. Beginning with body-weight exercises for our younger athletes.
    Advancement by expert coaching through every level of their training needs. We do not “blanket” a group of athletes with the same program. This protects our inexperienced athletes and enables progression for the more advanced.
  • Game-ready condition. All sessions end with sport-specific conditioning, stretching and flexibility techniques.


The Speed and Strength Program is designed for all sports and athletes generally over the age of 9.

Beware! Several newer gyms have been deceitfully using “Complete Athlete” in the naming of their programs. Rest assured we are the original and only CA. Know who is training your children.

Program Pricing

$375 | 20 sessions
$475 | 30 sessions
    $575 | 40 sessions    

Discounts available for siblings and teams.
Ask our staff about making payments in installments. 

After 2 weeks all purchases are final.

Sessions may be shared between siblings but are otherwise non-transferable.

Un-used sessions will expire 1 year after last session attended.



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