Performance Testing Leader Board

Along with a thorough movement evaluation, every healthy athlete starts our program with a performance evaluation. We periodically re-test so we can track progress and adjust our workouts if necessary. The initial evaluation includes the vertical leap, 5-10-5 agility test and a 20 yard sprint. In our regular testing days we also sometimes include a 300 yard shuttle and a 40 yard dash. 

Below are featured our best overall performers as well as our most improved performers. 


The vertical leap isn’t just about jump height. We want to see how much power our athletes are generating from the hips and transferring through their trunk and legs to get their body moving. First we measure an athlete’s highest reach from their highest jump and then subtract that from the height of their standing reach to get a measure of their overall elevation.


The 20 yard sprint measures an athlete’s ability to accelerate from a standstill and gives us a look at overall running speed. For some of the younger athletes this may also serve as a measure of top sprint speed. We use high definition cameras to capture start and finish and measure the sprint times down to the hundredth of a second if needed.


The 5-10-5 (AKA 20 yard shuttle or Pro Agility Sprint) shows us how quickly an athlete changes direction and accelerates away from that point. This drill gives our coaches a good look at what kind of footwork an athlete has. We time this drill with the same high definition camera technology that we use in the 20 yard sprint.

300 yard shuttle

This is an anaerobic (high intensity short burst) conditioning drill. Our athletes run short sprints (either 25 or 50 yards) back and forth for a total distance of 300 yards. A vast majority of endurance needed in sports is at a high intensity. Our coaches want to measure how long an athlete can sustain a high intensity output, not how long long they can move slowly.

40 yard sprint

This classic test measures mid-range sprint speed. For most younger athletes this is also a good measure of top sprint speed. Measured with the precision of high definition cameras.