Return to Sports, Injury to Play


"Cleared" to return to sport's is a very subjective term. Don't risk another injury due to a weak and untrained condition. Given time, CA will get your athlete in their shape and often, stronger than prior ti their injury!

CA, in partnership with SPT, have developed a comprehensive program to address the needs of an athlete's post injury or post rehabilitation needs. With decreasing insurance benefits, physical therapy visits are often severely restricted.  CA has the expertise to pick up where rehab leaves off to safely transition athletes back to sports. 

Specific programs are utilized for a wide range of injuries, including ACL reconstructions, knee surgeries, Patella-femoral syndrome, ankle sprains and instability, shoulder pain, rotator cuff and labral injuries, hip injuries and back pain.  CA also specializes in return to throwing programs.

CA will safely get you back on the field, ice, and court faster and with a lesser risk of re-injury! 


Scaccia PT & CA have had numerous successful injury-to-play stories but the following is quite impressive. In June of 2016, Avery Drouin, a lacrosse player from Pinkerton Academy tore her ACL in a tournament. She had just completed a very successful Jr. year and had already committed to play in a D1 program. Her SR year looked like it may in jeopardy.

After surgery, she began her PT with SPT. After several months, she begin the transition to sport specific training with CA.

The healing process was amazing, but her mechanical/athletic movements were worrisome. As with most knee injuries, the athlete tends to favor the injured joint causing flaws in movement. This can lead to a re-occurrence of injury.

When it was apparent that strength and recovery was not the issue, CA began 1-on-1 drills & exercises with the athlete until all flaws were corrected and confidence was restored.

Avery went on to play the full season, be named an ALL-AMERICAN, 1st TEAM ALL-STATE and also be awarded the ATHLETE OF THE YEAR and the DISTINGUISHED PLAYER OF THE YEAR (chosen by the Athletic Director) awards at PA. Surgeon-Physical Therapist-Strength Coach-Athlete. 


*****Hard work pays off*****

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