Complete Athlete Family Day: Saturday April 7th 9:30am-Noon

As coaches we get the great pleasure of seeing the best efforts and intentions of all of our athletes every time they workout. We want to share that experience with and get to know the families & friends behind the athletes. We've got a fun and informative experience planned so we can showcase the skills and talents of our athletes and why they're achieving as Complete Athletes. 

jackson jump.jpg

Performance testing

Come see what Complete Athletes can do and how much they've improved since their previous performance tests. We're going to measure sprinting speed, change of direction, and vertical power. Friends and family are welcome to join in!



Nutritional Seminar: Fueling for fitness , Fun & Health


Join Your Forever Nutrition Counseling's Noreen Gallo MSRD, LDN to learn some helpful tips on healthy eating from one of the area's most acclaimed professionals.





Shoulder & core strength tutorial

We don't have to remind you that being fit isn't just for athletes. We'll be showing you some really useful exercises that you can take with you to your next gym visit. You won't see the barbell bench & the military press in this tutorial. These are moves that address some of the fundamental components of your every day life; balance, flexibility, mobility and just feeling good!



Strength Training Tutorial

Your athletes are coming to Complete Athlete. That means it's going to be tough keeping up with their strength gains if you're doing the traditional machine lifts at the gym. Learn proper technique on some of the most important lifts from the certified strength & conditioning coaches here at Complete Athlete!


  See you April 7th at 9:30!