Speed and Strength

From DAY 1 to D1, Complete Athlete will improve all your athletic abilities.

90 minute, all-sport  program that develops  ALL facets of athleticism.


The Speed and Strength Program is Comprehensive:

  • An athletic movement screen is performed on the first day to identify and correct movement flaws so that an individualized, sport specific program can be developed for the athlete. 
  • The sessions start with a thorough warm up and mobility exercise to prepare the athlete for training. 
  • Training for speed and agility
  • Age-appropriate plyometrics to develop explosive power and quickness.
  • Detailed instruction in proper landing techniques for knee injury (ACL, MCL) prevention
  • Age-appropriate strength training.  Once the proper technique and movement pattern is established with body weight exercises, the athlete will progress to using weights.  It is SAFE and EFFECTIVE when taught & executed properly!
  • Sports specific conditioning
  • The sessions finish with stretching and flexibility exercises. 

The Speed and Strength program is appropriate for all ages and sports. CA is the ONLY 90 Minute Session program in NH!


$375 for 20 sessions      $475 for 30 sessions      $575 for 40 sessions

(discounts available for siblings and teams)

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